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The "star sky blue" train produced by Dalian segdi
         On May 3, 2020, star sky blue, the first two trains of Xi'an Metro Line 6 manufactured by CRRC Dalian company, successfully arrived at the side slope depot of Xi'an Metro Line 6.

The after-sales service team will complete the follow-up vehicle pick-up and servicing work at the depot to ensure that the vehicles have the operation conditions and ensure the opening and operation of Xi'an Metro Line 6 on schedule.
Overview of "sky blue"
Xi'an Metro Line 6 is the backbone line of Xi'an rail transit network. 25 trains are allocated in the initial stage of line 6 phase I project and 28 trains in the initial stage of phase II project, all of which are B2 type vehicles. The marshalling mode is 4-motor, 2-trailer and 6-car marshalling, and the maximum running speed is 80km / h.

Overcome difficulties and reach the ancient city
From April 24, the first two metro lines were sent out from the factory area of Dalian segdi Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. after nearly 2000 km of railway return and road transfer, and arrived at the side slope depot on May 3, and unloaded in the section in two days, and parked in the main line section of the tunnel smoothly, which realized the high-quality, high efficiency and zero error.