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On the afternoon of March 4, Zhao Jianping, general manager of Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., brought his team to our company for inspection, visited our company's production workshop and related products, and highly appraised the company's processi...
Tai Yuan Metro Localization Vehicle is accomplish and off the line...
On the morning of October 21, the Beijing International Urban Rail Transit exhibition and Summit Forum opened in China International Exhibition Center. With the theme of "having the rail, having the future", the exhibition attracted more than 180 rai...
On May 3, 2020, star sky blue, the first two trains of Xi'an Metro Line 6 manufactured by CRRC Dalian company, successfully arrived at the side slope depot of Xi'an Metro Line 6....
As an important traffic artery running through the north and south of Taiyuan City, the first phase project of Taiyuan Metro Line 2 has a total length of 23.38 km. At present, 23 stations along the line have started decoration and wind, water and powe...
Dalian sgd cooperated with torihocrea company of Italy to develop 160km diesel locomotive and 160km electric locomotive project. The person in charge of torihocrea company in Italy, lailian, had a cordial and friendly on-site communication with segdi'...
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